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Weekly Updates » 7th Grade Weekly Updates

7th Grade Weekly Updates

Parents and Guardians;

These are the important events taking place at EMS the week of (October 28-November 1).

Please review to the school website for parent/student handbook, district calendar, etc.


NOTE: Benchmark Assessments or Check-Ins are assessments that does not count as a test grade but inform teachers of student progress. Students do not need to study for this.

NC Check-Ins #1 for Math and ELA are scheduled for November 21 and 22.


Other Notes:

- IF YOUR CHILD HAS MISSED SCHOOL OR A CLASS – Please remind them to talk to the teacher about any missed assignments! You will find most assignments available in Google classroom or Canvas.


- Please note that this is an idea of what we will be doing each week, but is subject to change at any time upon teacher discretion. We will do our best to inform you of any changes BUT it is also the responsibility of your child to make sure they communicate changes as well.


- The menus for breakfast and lunch are on the ECS website.  Here is the link:


Class Assignments:


Math – Today (11/1/19) in math class students should have decided what level of college education they would like to pursue for the game of LIFE.  They learned about student loans and how “simple interest” works in regards to them.  On Monday, students will determine what their occupation is going to be and what type of housing they can afford.  In the latter part of the week we will discuss how "sales tax, tips, and discounts" work in the real-world.  Once again I encourage you to talk to your child about his or her experiences in math class throughout this game of LIFE unit.  (Ask them questions like: “What level of college did you choose to attend?” and “Why did you choose that level of college?”)  I hope they’re having a great experience with LIFE while learning about real life as well!    


Science –We will begin our study of Protists.  We will compare the structures and life functions of single-celled organisms that carry out all of the basic functions of life including: Euglena, Amoeba, Paramecium, Volvox.


ELA – In ELA students will be finishing up post-reading activities for “The Tell-Tale Heart”, including writing an argumentative essay using text evidence.  Our next short story, “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassaut, will focus on situational irony.


Nightly homework should be reading practice for 30 minutes in a text of their choice.  All students should have a book they wish to read with them at school each day, as we begin each class with a brief silent reading period.  


Second quarter book projects will be the completion of a novel choice board, in which students will choose three components from a given list.  Students should get a copy of the choice board from me after they finish reading their novels. This week, students should have turned in the title of the book they are reading. Projects must be turned in on or before December 13.


Social Studies:  We are studying the American Revolution. We will be reading excerpts from the Declaration of Independence and discussing how certain concepts are applied and still relevant today.

Please continue to remind students to review material each night for at least 10 min.


Upcoming Events (not including athletics)

11/08                                     Veteran’s Day Assembly (9:00 am)

                                                Early Release Day

11/11                                     No School for Students or Staff

11/12                                     At the Bandstand Mini Musical (7:00 pm)

11/21-22                               NC Check-Ins #1 Math and ELA



Student safety is a priority. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Also please let us know if you have any changes to email addresses or phone number.


Thank you for your support,

7th Grade Team