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Elkin Middle School is a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School!

7th Grade Weekly Updates

7th Grade DAILY Pacing Guide for the Week of April 20-24

Please note that it is our suggestion that students should follow the daily guides below. Hopefully this will help to keep them on schedule.

Social Studies: NOTE: Google meetings are scheduled through Google Classroom - students will find the meeting link on the homepage (Stream page). Students will also receive an email reminder.

Monday - Complete any outstanding work from previous weeks.

Complete “Crash Course #39” Video Questions

Tuesday - First Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Create a study guide: Skim the chapter Text sections looking ONLY  at bold words, pictures, graphs, etc. Compare the information found in the text to the Cold War Study Guide. Make a list of ALL words (people, places, events) that are repeated and place into your own study guide

Wednesday-  Second Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Create an Acrostic using the “COLD WAR”

Thursday- Third Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Watch the 2 videos. 1. “Duck and Cover” and 2. “The Berlin Wall” under the “Extended Activity” tab. Answer the following after watching the videos:

“Duck and Cover:”

  1. Is “ducking and covering” an effective way to avoid being hurt during a nuclear attack?
  2. Why do you think the government would produce this film when in actuality ducking and covering is  useless against a nuclear attack?

“The Berlin Wall”

  1. Why was the wall built? 
  2. How did the wall become a symbol of the Cold War? 
  3. What did you find most interesting that you learned from the video?

Friday- Fourth Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Complete the videos and questions and be prepared to discuss in Google Meet next week.



Monday April 20th- Go to Google Classroom  CLASSWORK then scroll down to Fourth Quarter: Earth Systems, Structures and Processes and find a copy of your “Getting to Know - Meteorology” in Google Classroom and read through it.

Tuesday April 21th- First Period Google Meet-10:00- Then go to Brain Pop and watch “Weather”, “Wind” and then ”Clouds” (3 short videos). Username: elkinmid Password: elkin

Wednesday April 22th -Second Period Google Meet - 10:00- Go to Google Classroom - CLASSWORK and scroll down to Fourth Quarter: Earth Systems, Structures and Processes and find “Describing Weather” (*this is from your textbook) and read this information, after you finish make sure you go over the last page (Lesson 1 Review) Read the Visual Summary then do questions 1-7 in your head or with a partner and *this does not have to be turned in  

Thursday-Third Period Google Meet at 10:00 / Friday - Fourth Period Google Meet at 10:00 

Thursday and Friday- Go to Discovery Education (*REMEMBER - go to Elkin City Schools website and under the STAFF tab you will find NCEdCloud and you can log in using your lunch number and password)

Once logged in click on the “Science TechBook” and find the “Studying Our Atmosphere” Unit and then find the “Meteorology” Lesson and click on it. Read through All 3 TABS (Engage, Explore, Evaluate) in the Meteorology lesson you decide which video segments and virtual labs you try IN THE EXPLORE TAB, participate in some of these resources. *There is nothing to turn in but try the practice quiz (not for a grade) in the Evaluate tab.


ELA -It is important that students complete assignments in the correct order. Materials for these assignments should be accessed using the CLASSWORK tab on the ELA Google Classroom under the topic “Work for April 20-24”.

Monday - Watch the TEDed video “The Pleasure of Poetic Patterns” and take notes on new terms in your reading notebook;  answer the THINK TAB questions after the video.

Tuesday- Watch the Youtube Video “Rhyme and Rhyme Scheme” and take notes of new info in notebook; Complete IXL lesson F.3 called “Complete the Rhyme Scheme”.

Wednesday- Read the Google Doc about the Klondike/Yukon Gold Rush, the setting for this week’s narrative poem; Read the Biographical information of the poet, Robert W. Service.

Thursday- Read the narrative poem, “The Cremation of SamMcGee”; then listen to the recording of former country singer, Johnny Cash, reciting the poem.

Friday- Answer Comprehension questions for The Cremation of Sam McGee. (students should have the text available when answering)



Monday - 

Finish any missing assignments and begin to work on “Problem of the Week #4”

Tuesday - First Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Work on “Problem of the Week #4”

Wednesday-  Second Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Work on “Problem of the Week #4”

Thursday- Third Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Work on “Problem of the Week #4”

Friday- Fourth Period GOOGLE MEET at 10:00 am

Work on “Problem of the Week #4”

Submit answers to “Problem of the Week #4” by 3PM in the Google Form posted in Google Classroom.  Answers are only accepted in the Google Form.   


Other Important Information:

Current EMS Online Plan (Students are expected to meet with their teachers using Google Meet during the designated days/times outlined below): 

  1. Tuesday: 1st Period (10 - 11 am)
  2. Wednesday: 2nd Period (10 - 11 am)
  3. Thursday: 3rd Period (10 - 11 am)
  4. Friday: 4th Period (10 - 11 am)

Google Meeting: Please read the following to ensure that class meetings run smoothly:

  1. Teachers will send an email with the link to join at 9:50 a.m. Tuesday-Friday. Students should join the meet BY 10:00.
  2. Some students are joining class meetings late and missing important information.  Please ensure that your child is up and ready for the start of the meeting.
  3. Students should mute mics unless instructed by the teacher to unmute.
  4. Students should have cameras turned on and be visible throughout the meeting.(Students/parents should communicate with teachers if there is a problem with the camera.)
  5. Students should not leave the meeting until dismissed by the teacher.
  6. If a student gets dropped from the meeting, they should click the original link to rejoin the meeting.

Important To Know...

  1.  7th grade teachers are available Monday through Friday from 8:30-2:30 to answer student questions via email, phone call, or Google Meet.
  2. Please check Powerschool frequently.  Once a due date has passed, if students have completed an assignment in a satisfactory manner, teachers will mark a “completion” symbol rather than a number grade.  If the student has not turned in the assignment it will be coded as “Missing”.  
  3. During this quarter students will not be receiving assignments from their Encore teachers.
  4. IF work cannot be submitted through Google Classroom please contact the teacher. It can be sent via email. However, please inform the teacher so they can know your situation.