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8th Grade Weekly Updates

Students, Parents, and Guardians;

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 8th Grade Math 

  • We will be continuing our unit on Systems of Equations. Students will be solving by graphing and using the substitution method. They will have a test on Friday, Jan 24th. 


Math 1 

  • We are starting our unit on Exponents.

  • Students will be performing operations with monomials and using exponent rules this week. They will have a quiz on Friday, Jan 24th. 



  • We will finish up our Earth’s History unit this week.  Students will have a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, Jan. 22nd on their last 13 words in their Earth’s History vocabulary.  Students have vocab words, notes, and quizlet to help them study.  

  • Students will also have a test on Friday, January 24th on our Earth’s History unit.  Students will have a study guide, notes, and vocabulary to help them study.


Social Studies:  

  • We will complete our study of Unit 6:  Industrialization & Immigration this week.  Students have a test on Thursday, January 23.  Students will use their notes, Study Island and Quizlet to prepare for the test.



  • We will continue our poetry unit this week.   They will have a quiz on comma rules 1-4 on Friday.  


*** IF YOUR CHILD HAS MISSED SCHOOL OR A CLASS – Please remind them to talk to the teacher about any missed assignments!


*****Please note that the above is simply an idea of what we will be doing each week, but is subject to change at any time upon teacher discretion. It is the responsibility of your child to make sure they write down daily assignments in their notebooks.*****



The menus for breakfast and lunch are on the ECS website.  Here is the link:


ALSO – Please review to the school website for parent/student handbook, athletic schedules, district calendar, etc.


Student safety is a priority. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. And please let us know if you have additional emails you would like added or if your email changes. Please let us know if you phone number changes or you would like additional phone numbers added to your child's information.


Thank you,

8th  Grade Team